Tuesday, September 23, 2008


have you ever heard of it? well, I am listening to Lisa Stone, Co-Founder and CEO of BlogHer.com. . Interesting to hear from Lisa vs. Mike Barnicle, who spoke last night and all but said exactly that bloggers are losers who are bored and still live at home.
Well, Lisa & her two partners have obviously blown that thought off the charts with this blog. If you have not heard of it, seen it or belong to it, go check it out, join, or just read some of the great topics being blogged about...
back to photos of this in depth group of Professionals!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 2

I am just getting ready to head back to Chatham Bars Inn for another Arthur Page Society event. Day 2 of 3. I have always found my job to be exciting, even in the midst of corporate America. This week I get to listen to brilliant scholars, CFO's, CEO's and in this group, CCO's! Of course I am there to take photographs of the highlights, awards, cocktails, etc. It doesn't hurt that I get to listen to the roundtable discussions of some of our world's top business people. I do however respect the privacy of these groups and keep this wealth of information to myself! Sicne I do own two businesses the knowledge is sure to help me in some aspect of my careers.
Well, I guess I am very fortunate that I love the ever changing pace and faces of my job! Off I go to a Clambake on the beach. It is a perfect Fall night for a bonfire, which i am sure will go along with it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i got a laugh at least...

So I completed my day of teaching! Found out my group was MFS Investments, they couldn't do anything but enjoy my "class" after the issues they've been dealing with this week!!
I had a fun time and just returned home from their awards night. It was very fun, love it when people actually have  a sense of humor. They even had a red carpet with golden oscars and all,  "crystal" trophies and a rolex were awarded. 
I am putting the finishing touches on my threebuoysonline website-this had been put on hold during my very busy photography season. I have set  aside a little time for this so it can be e- commerce for the Holiday season.  Keep in mind they are coming- order holiday cards sooner than later.
Enjoy the crisp fall air~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A day off...

I have settled in from a wedding today with Lynn & Gary. What a beautiful couple with an amazing history. Sharing their day with them and their closet 15 friends in Harwichport was a delight, despite the rain.  
My boys and I are headed to Yankee Stadium tomorrow to enjoy one of the last games to be played there. Yes, we are Yankee fans living in red sox territory. The blood lines run thick through New York in our families.
It's a week of activities at Chatham Bars for me. Wish me luck as  I teach a photo class this week to a corporate group- yes 23 people.  Now that is something to make you chuckle.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Labor day!!

I am so excited for the fall weather and pace! While I love working with all of my clients all summer long, I as well as my family look forward to a little more down time. With a few September weddings to look forward to I also  need to switch gears for a busy corporate event season. I cannot complain as most are at the fabulous Chatham Bars Inn, working with Mary Ryan or Kimberly Drew. Both ladies make my life much easier!!
I was fortunate enough to work with over 50 families this summer from all over the world. I love getting to know each and everyone of you and hearing about your Cape Cod ties, learning about your visits and year after year watching your children grow up!
Thank you so much for this opportunity and please stay in touch!
You never know- you may be tomorrow's face on my blog!
All the best