Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 2

I am just getting ready to head back to Chatham Bars Inn for another Arthur Page Society event. Day 2 of 3. I have always found my job to be exciting, even in the midst of corporate America. This week I get to listen to brilliant scholars, CFO's, CEO's and in this group, CCO's! Of course I am there to take photographs of the highlights, awards, cocktails, etc. It doesn't hurt that I get to listen to the roundtable discussions of some of our world's top business people. I do however respect the privacy of these groups and keep this wealth of information to myself! Sicne I do own two businesses the knowledge is sure to help me in some aspect of my careers.
Well, I guess I am very fortunate that I love the ever changing pace and faces of my job! Off I go to a Clambake on the beach. It is a perfect Fall night for a bonfire, which i am sure will go along with it.


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