Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today does not feel like the first day of  October-which of course makes me happy!!
What a washout this weekend for us all!  Suzanne & Chris didn't seem to mind too much while they celebrated their wedding at the SeaView in Dennis.  It was my first time working there and with a fabulous couple.  
While I was there, Kelly was at Wequassett Inn.  She was fortunate to get all the photos outside, between rain drops, as you can see here!! Congratulations to Katie & Ben, I cannot wait to see all the photos from Kelly!    
There are a lot of print orders, holiday cards and album designs coming through right now! Don't forget to order yours before you actually start feeling the holiday rush! 
As the leaves drop and the seasons change, my work changes a little bit as well. I always welcome change!!  check out my three buoys website as it is in the works.


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