Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning more & more

More photography conventions continue this week.  I was thrilled  to attend the Wireless Flash tips & tricks with world famous photographer Mike Fulton of Tricoast photography.  This is where professionalism can be seen and where are professional stands out above the average photographer.  We were able  to  interact, ask questions, listen to  & watch demos.  SO much knowledge, when will Spring arrive so I can get some shooting in?!?
this weekend I will be heading to Newport, RI for a photoshop crash course.  There is always more to learn and new shortcuts being introduced in the adobe world.  I am not a techno junkie so I need as many refresher course along the way. I welcome the conventions, conferences etc. It is a wonderful way for me to stay connected with my colleagues, my competition & my "idols" for lack of better word.  
All of these courses are gearing me up for what looks to be another VERY promising season in 2009!
 Can't wait to see you here~ ( and see some warmer weather)


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