Sunday, March 22, 2009

A new season

I am thrilled to have enjoyed a fabulous wedding last night at Chatham Bars Inn. Katie & Steve were absolutely adorable and one of the most enjoyable couples to work with. Patrice Milley did a stunning job decorating the Boat House for the ceremony and the Main Dining room looked like a classical ballroom. Were we able to photograph outdoors, despite the chilly temps, it was a picture perfect day!! MY favorite part of the day was the "gift" Katie's parents gave to Katie & Steve!! Gail Fitzpatrick came from Carlisle Ma to paint a live canvas of the wedding reception- stunning, amazing and just jaw dropping. You can see her work in progress in the photo I have attached. She then goes home to put the finishing touches on the canvas. An amazing piece of art for the couple to begin their lives with. Thank you Katie & Steve for allowing me to share in your wedding day!!
The season has begun and I could not be happier!!



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