Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weddings, weddings and more weddings

It has been a very busy Spring with weddings. What a great way to begin the season. Ironically enough all of my weddings so far and the next 2 have been at Wequassett Inn. By the way the Inn looks stunning with there newest phase of construction. It is such a pleasure seeing all the dynamics of each family and working with them all. I have always loved that aspect of my photography business.
I'll upload a few of my favorites images. I also had time for Harwich Little League photos and my twins are in that group. It has been quite a few years that I have been fortunate to capture these kids. It so much fun seeing them all grow up through the years. Tonight I will be toasting with all my Harwich friends at the Toast of Harwich, again at Wequassett. SO if you are on your way there don't forget to have your photo taken! I am sure it is not often you are dressed up, without the kids, and at such a stellar setting!
ALSO~ My new studio is in full swing. I am thrilled with the renovations of the space and can't wait for you all to see how quaint it is.



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