Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Families & New products!

This industry is forever growing and changing!  It is so fun and sometimes, too difficult, to keep up with these softwares, as well as keep new product fresh in my studio. If you have time and are in town- stop by even just to see some of the Canvas Gallery Wraps. They have been so popular and I created a wall of kids in 8x8 wraps. The best part is they can go anywhere in your house and they require no framing!
While I am not as busy as I am used to being,  I am enjoying each session I have! This past week I was able to work with 2 families whom I have worked with for over 9 years and 4 years both being from California! AS you see they are still as comfortable with me as ever-such fun!
I am offering a portrait session incentive- $400 fee with a $100 print credit, call TODAY to schedule, limited sessions available at this promotion.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer,Summer, Summertime

Families on the beach = summer on Cape Cod.
This is the time of year I get to see faces from years ago and meet new families! I truly love spending my evenings on the lower cape beaches. I am so fortunate to have this job! I even got the Kinum's this year, possibly without needing a headswap! With 7 girls in 10 years there is always one little one who doesn't agree with me that 6:30 on the beach is the best place to be.
They are like family so I hope they will one day enjoy it as much as I do.
I didn't get out there tonight but my boys better be ready because the next sunny evening I'm home, it's their turn! Love you guys!!