Monday, October 19, 2009

A few pictures from some photo events lately..

Alexis called me hoping I would be able to relax her enough to get her new author picture! Well I was thrilled with the array of images she has to choose from, this is just one.

Last year I photographed Michael's brother for his senior picture and now it's his turn. I love to see the different family dynamics, it resonates within my own boys and it makes me realize we all need to appreciate the individuals our kids grow up to be.


What a fun Day!

The RFK Golf Tournament was this past Friday. I believe it was my 7th year photographing and every year it is even more impressive and fun! The event helps raise funds for human rights which is what the RFK Memorial stands for. Check out the link to learn more about this organization.

Once again I was amongst the likes of some very admirable folk! Enjoying viewing some of these silly photos. I will also try to upload a video of Bill Murray singing- it was classic. Amazing that he can sing, play golf and entertain at the drop of a hat...I was unaware but my husband told me he actually sang the song in STRIPES.

finally! My blog was down and I couldn't post...

As the fall has happened upon us, I think we are welcoming winter as well....BBBRRRR.
I am keeping busy with photo shoots, weddings, events, seniors a little bit of everything. I have also begun my email marketing with constant contact. I feel I can better communicate what I am offering with all of you! Yes it is another thing to keep up with but it's actually very fun, just like this!
Holiday cards are available in so many fun & creative styles. Please inquire and I can send you the links to view all the options.
As the Holidays approach let's be sure to think of all we have to be thankful for.