Monday, February 22, 2010

27 Days until Spring!!

Well that is of course after this week's snow comes! I must admit to feeling as though winter really has gone by fast. It may be my least favorite season for so many reasons. I love what I do and Cape Cod in the winter does not allow me the opportunity to photograph as much as I like.
I do however get the chance to create marketing pieces, revamp my websites, blog and network.
I am getting ready to head to PPAM this weekend to learn some more about teaching photography, I figure maybe that is what I can do in the "off "season. I enjoy attending these events, it's a time to meet up with some photographers I have known within the field for the last 12 years.
I also have the Well Wed Wedding Affair at Ocean Edge. It is going to be a fantastic event on Sat March 6. If you are currently a bride for my 2010 season and would like a FREE pass - call or email me I have a few I would be happy to share.
I am looking forward as well to bringing in a new assistant, maybe 2, this season who was with me in the past. When I am working with large families on the beach it would be a huge help to have someone "entertaining" while I capture the images.
On a personal note I attended the Running of the Bride's in Boston on Friday. I was with my best childhood girlfriends. It was an adventure to say the least. What a scene. I will upload a few pictures to give you a feel. Personally, I would rather make an appointment and sip champagne while shopping for a wedding dress. This is the time in life when you do what others want, and we were victorious! a $1700 dress for $500! That is worth it! And the memories that went along with it, priceless.
Enjoy the sunshine(well it is sunny on Cape Cod)~
Think Spring!