Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jim Collins CEO of Pictage

I made the long haul(just joking) off Cape to Concord MA this week. Jim flew in from California for a PUG meeting. I heard him speak in New Orleans in November at Pictage's Partner-CON and loved the enthusiasm he delivered. I was so fortunate to attend and I just booked my ticket to go back again this year!!!
This week he was talking about supply vs. demand in the photo world as well as standing out amongst the crowd. He gave great advice on being out there shooting, creating and as well as being accountable for all your actions in the work place and personally. With each conference I attend I like to walk away with at least one thing that will help improve my business, there is always at least one new thing to learn!
I will leave you with this quote from Jim:

" There is nothing anyone knows that they did not learn from someone"

So get yourself out there, talk to people, network, get to know who you are in your field. At home. In life. Continue to be that person no matter who you surround yourself with.

here is a recent picture of myself & my "three buoys" who continue to inspire me every day!


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