Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, I still love my job!

Every day I think of how fortunate I am to be a photographer! I get to capture the moments that become your memories. I get to watch families unite & grow. You allow me to watch your spirits and families. You let me in on some of the most intimate times of your life.
All of these events are what makes my "job" so worthwhile. As I begin my 5th season on Main St in Chatham, I am grateful with the clients that become my customers and vice versa at Three Buoys. I get to watch the ebb and flow of my 2 businesses and I have you to thank.

Just a few weeks back my season began. It is an ever changing economic world and I am thrilled to be thriving in both businesses. This is not to say it comes easy- I certainly have to put the extra effort forth to sell a unique product in my companies. This is challenging and I have always had a competitive side, thank goodness!
Keep an eye out for all the fun photos you may find here, on my site or on facebook. Yes staying on top of technology that is another challenge~ Enjoy the weekend I am off to photograph Katie & Ryan's wedding and the sun is just about peeking through the dark grey sky.....


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