Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nauset 2011

I've been lucky to meet some fun faces from NRHS this summer...this photo was taken at Skaket Beach - at prime time as the sun sets and the tide is mid point so we see that fabulou sgreen grass.. gorgeous girl and location!

Monday, September 20, 2010

WOW- that was a very fast season...

I was told if I want to have a blog then I best BLOG!! I am failing at this terribly, I don't fail.
SO I am on my adventure at keeping up with this- Let's see how I do.

I will blog with photos, quotes or words of thought, you may find them wisdom or not. Take them for what you want and move forward. Staying up with the new networking tools out there has allowed me to be introduced to so many daily updates from many walks of life. I will hope to share some of their words as well as my own through this tool of communication.

I have met & photographed well over 1500 people this summer season alone! Showing you some of these captures will take some time.. so to begin you will be enjoying a few high school seniors I was fortunate to meet & enjoy! I love hearing where they are looking and at what schools. There is an innocence to them that I see, I am sure their parents may not agree to that innocence as much.
Enjoy. Live. Laugh.