Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 Wedding Season has come to an end....

I cannot tell you the stories I could share, all so intriguing. The love, the relationships, the bonds and well the not so bonded...
Watching a wedding unfold is such an experience. I get to see faces, expressions, emotions like no one else. Some are more than worth capturing and tell a story within themselves while others are not my moments to capture, like I am intruding almost! That may seem ridiculous, one might say "you are here to capture everything", well yes but my better judgement takes over sometimes to remind me that it is not my moment to be part of every once in a while. So I look away and let the moment happen without me. I never feel as though I have missed anything!

I will continue to design albums, create custom holiday cards and photograph family and children portraits now and through the Holidays. New 2011 marketing pieces will be designed, wedding bookings for 2011 are being contracted, new ventures discussed (yes I am always up to something new) and new friendships with my clients will continue to be made.

What a blessed job I have and wonderful people to share it with, thank you all~S


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